160A Double End Milling Cutter with Sheet Metal Drill Bit Attachment Sheet Metal Milling Cutter

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Double Headed Sheet Metal Nibbler Cutter Drill Attachment Metal Sheet Cutter


Product Name : Nibbler Cutter

Material : Metal, Plastic

Suitable for car repair and maintenance and metal sheet productions.


1. Double Headed Metal Nibbler, Fits to any electric or power drill.
Convenient and ideal alternative to the traditional electric or air powered nibbler.

2. Double cutting head and 360 degree adjustable, cutting in any direction and angle desired.
Two cutting heads to operate from with the handle (supplied) screwing over the head which is not in use for a safer grip.

3. Use with a pneumatic/ an electric drill, speed 1500-3000rpm.

4.Minimum cutting radius: 12mm.

5. Minimum cutting thickness:

Steel Plate: 1.8mm

Stainless Steel: 1.2mm

Copper/ Aluminium Plate: 2mm

Plastic/ Fiber Board: 2mm

Package Included:

1 x Nibbler Cutter

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